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Welcome to the website dedicated to the creation and recreation of up-to-date ringtones, sounding like those monophonic ones for cellphones from the nineties. Nowadays a new iPhone or Android device will not amaze anyone, as it has already become a common life's companion. What will astonish you for 100% is to hear a monophonic version of a brand new hit you really like.

The project has started in December 2013 and is going to recreate the most popular songs that have reached the top of charts, as well as to create absolutely new and unique ringtones that could be used for different purposes. An original NOKIA 3310, massivly popular at the very beginning of the 21st century, is involved in the process of creation the ringtones introduced on this WebSite. What makes them unique is the mixture of the tune, peculiar to the previous century, and the melodies of the 21st one.

For those, who find monophonic ringtones boring, we upload more common stereophonic ringtones that sound like original songs or soundtrack items. is an absolutely free of charge resource. We supply you with free ringtones for phones , make them sound like they used to. The life of this project will depend on its popularity. Support us in case you find this WebSite useful and worth living in future. If your direct support does not give enough money for holding it, a relevant commercial will be placed on the WebSite. We will be also grateful for your social support that will cost you nothing. Follow us on Facebook and share our ringtones and articles with your friends. Don't forget to subscribe on YouTube. here
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